Noto Anamizu Iwaguruma - 能登 穴水町 岩車

星空 田舎旅スポット:“庭”で『天の川』を撮影できる町 / Town of Stars “Anamizu”

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Milky Way in Iwaguruma Anamizu 穴水町 星空 天の川


Milky Way in Iwaguruma Anamizu 穴水町 星空 天の川





Milky Way in Iwaguruma Anamizu 穴水町 星空 天の川

Anamizu Town brands itself as “town of the stars.” You can actually see countless stars from your house.

Just get out of your house and look up. If it is a nice and fine day without the moon, you see so many stars including innumerable stars of the Milky Way during the summer to autumn seasons.

If you plan to go stargazing in Anamizu, I recommend you to go from mid-August to beginning of November because there are so many mosquitoes. 😉

Well, if it is still warm season, don’t forget to bring an anti-bug spray anyway.

Not only in Anamizu but also other countrysides “Inaka” areas where there is a beautiful natural environment with the fresh and “tasty” air, you probably get to see lots of stars too.

Milky Way in Iwaguruma Anamizu 穴水町 星空 天の川

【今回の撮影場所はこのあたり。穴水町岩車の村 / Spot where I took these Milky Way stars】


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