Purchasing Japanese Traditional House in Noto

There will be a new INAKA Backpacker House in Noto! We are purchasing a new house for people to experience the countryside “INAKA” in Noto, Ishikawa Prefecture.

We plan to turn this new house into an INAKA lifestyle experience house! People can reside for short and long term periods, while utilizing the space for such things as a regular workspace, remote workspace, share house, share office, satellite office, space to experience a countryside, etc.

remote countryside rural workspace in Ishikawa Japan 石川県 穴水町 焚火 薪料理 焚火 田舎暮らし

It will serve as a multi-purpose INAKA experience house.

There are about 10 private rooms to rent. There will be shared rooms such as a living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

beautiful village countryside in Anamizu, Ishikawa, Japan

The house is in a peaceful village by the bay in Noto Peninsula. Within walking distance, there is a quiet gulf that looks like a lake, a small mountain, a river, and more!

Noto area is very easy to access from Tokyo. It’s only a one – hour ANA flight from Haneda Airport to Noto Airport. From Noto Airport, it takes just 30 minutes to reach the INAKA Backpacker House!

On the property, there is a small farming space to grow fruits and vegetables, if you would like. You can also fish from shore at a park by the gulf. You can try to self-sufficiently live by growing and catching your own food! There will likely be a small space available for a campsite, with parking available for a campervan.

If you are interested in renting, would like to secure a room prior to the opening of the house, or are simply interested in checking out the space, please message me directly.

We will prioritize on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please note that there will be some terms and conditions as well as a quick interview procedure because it is in a small countryside village.

remote countryside rural workspace share house office satellite office in Ishikawa Noto Japan

Oh! in addition to above, we probably will make our small space available in a garden for campers, our parking space as campervan parking, and garage for bicycle travelers.

We will update with further details regarding the location and our grand opening. We are hoping that it will be between the end of December 2018 and mid-January 2019!

Who may be suited for this INAKA Countryside Experience House?

Are you looking for a place to experience the countryside in Japan? Looking for a quiet place to work remotely in a quiet countryside? Write a book, stories, blog, script, programming, building a webpage, acupuncture
practitioner, farmers, fisherman, etc?

Seriously planning to move to the countryside but want to try out the experience before moving for real? Thinking about relocating?

Looking for a mid to long-term vacation house in the countryside? A base or hub to experience while you are staying in Japan?

Could you work from home or elsewhere? Is your work location flexible? Company worker? Freelancer? Nomad worker?

This house may be a great place to stay!

remote countryside rural workspace share house office satellite office in Ishikawa Noto Japan

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